The Digital & RF modules of Polaris are high performance and low price modules that are designed for reliable satellite & mobile communication systems. The Digital modules consist of Digital Time Delayers, Direct Digital Synthesizers, and 500MHz Quadrature Clock Generators. The RF modules consist of Broadband Quadrature Modems, Broadband Frequency Converters, and 10MHz reference signal generators. Modules can be customized based on the customer’s specific requirements.


●  High reliability
●  Customization available
●  Lower than market price



●  Satellite communication systems
●  Military communication systems
●  Radar systems
●  Earth terminal testing equipment
●  Mobile communication systems
●  Broadband wireless access systems
●  Up/Down converters

High Power RF Combiner/Splitter

▪ High Power Rating
▪ Low Insertion Loss
▪ High Isolation
▪ Excellent VSWR
▪ 50 ohm at all ports
▪ SMA or N-type connectors

10MHz reference signal generator with OCXO


▪ Built-in OCXO with excellent performance
▪ 10MHz path automatic switching function
▪ No. of output path: 4 paths
▪ Output power: +10dBm
▪ Spurious suppression: ≤ -50dBc

Broadband Frequency Converter

▪ Broad operating bandwidth: up to 200MHz
▪ User selectable bandwidth: 36MHz, 50MHz, or 200MHz
▪ RX path: fin (950MHz to 1,950MHz), fout (2.2GHz to 2.4GHz)
▪ TX path: fin (2.2GHz to 2.4GHz), fout (950MHz to 1,950MHz)
▪ Spurious suppression: ≤ -50dBc at in-band

Digital Time Delayer

▪ Ultra-wide operating bandwidth: up to 100MHz
▪ Time delay range: up to 265ms
▪ Time delay resolution: 64ns
▪ In–band spurious: ≤ -45dBc (typical ≤ -50dBc)

Direct Digital Synthesizer

▪ User-controllable phase and frequency offset
▪ Built-in PLL module
▪ Built-in 8bit MCU
▪ Frequency control via RS232 interface
▪ Two output ports: 190MHz(J2), 190±3MHz(J3)
▪ Output power: +12dBm

500MHz Quadrature Clock Generator

▪ User-controllable phase delay
▪ Built-in 8bit MCU
▪ Phase delay control via RS232 interface
▪ Output frequency: 500MHz
▪ Output level: LVPECL (I/Q differential signal)
▪ Delay control range: 5ps to 5ns in 5ps steps