Digital Time Delayer

▪ Ultra-wide operating bandwidth: up to 100MHz
▪ Time delay range: up to 265ms
▪ Time delay resolution: 64ns
▪ In–band spurious: ≤ -45dBc (typical ≤ -50dBc)

Direct Digital Synthesizer

▪ User-controllable phase and frequency offset
▪ Built-in PLL module
▪ Built-in 8bit MCU
▪ Frequency control via RS232 interface
▪ Two output ports: 190MHz(J2), 190±3MHz(J3)
▪ Output power: +12dBm

500MHz Quadrature Clock Generator

▪ User-controllable phase delay
▪ Built-in 8bit MCU
▪ Phase delay control via RS232 interface
▪ Output frequency: 500MHz
▪ Output level: LVPECL (I/Q differential signal)
▪ Delay control range: 5ps to 5ns in 5ps steps