High Power RF Combiner/Splitter

▪ High Power Rating
▪ Low Insertion Loss
▪ High Isolation
▪ Excellent VSWR
▪ 50 ohm at all ports
▪ SMA or N-type connectors

10MHz reference signal generator with OCXO


▪ Built-in OCXO with excellent performance
▪ 10MHz path automatic switching function
▪ No. of output path: 4 paths
▪ Output power: +10dBm
▪ Spurious suppression: ≤ -50dBc

Broadband Frequency Converter

▪ Broad operating bandwidth: up to 200MHz
▪ User selectable bandwidth: 36MHz, 50MHz, or 200MHz
▪ RX path: fin (950MHz to 1,950MHz), fout (2.2GHz to 2.4GHz)
▪ TX path: fin (2.2GHz to 2.4GHz), fout (950MHz to 1,950MHz)
▪ Spurious suppression: ≤ -50dBc at in-band