●  Wide Baseband bandwidth: up to 100MHz
●  Built-in broadband Modulator and Demodulator
    Modulator: ADL5375
      Demodulator: ADL5382
●  Gain offset nulling between I/Q channels using two dual-digital VGAs (AD8366)
●  Carrier feed-through nulling between I/Q channels using four 16-bit Unipolar DACs (DAC8830)
●  Built-in 8bit MCU for chips control and external master MCU interface
●  DC offset and gain offset control with simple ASCII characters via RS232 interface
●  Demodulation path output frequency: 
DC to 100MHz
●  Modulation path input frequency: DC to 100MHz
●  DC offset control range: 0 to 2.5Vdc
●  DC offset control resolution: 


●  Satellite communication system
●  Broadband wireless access system
●  Satellite link test equipment


  Broadband Quadrature MODEM