Polaris’ Microwave Frequency Synthesizer (PMFS series) operates in the frequency range from 3.4 GHz to 35 GHz and is categorized into PMFS-F series, PMFS-V series, and PMFS-P series. The PMFS-F series is a fixed frequency synthesizer, the PMFS-V series is a variable frequency synthesizer, and the PMFS-P series is a fixed frequency synthesizer for high RF power output. The PMFS series employ a fractional-N PLL architecture to provide fine frequency resolution with excellent spurious and phase noise performance.
The PMFS-P series is a high power fixed frequency synthesizer capable of outputting RF power up to 20 dBm. This series is easily customized to any fixed frequency between 3.4 GHz and 35 GHz and is available in a variety of configurations, including a RF output power and output frequency range options. The PMFS-P series has internal or external reference and are designed for rugged, compact and to operate at low power consumption.



●  Very wide output frequency range
●  High RF output power up to 20 dBm
●  Low phase noise
●  Fine frequency step size
●  Low spurious
●  Low power consumption
●  Easily customizable to any fixed frequency
●  Phase lock indicator alarm
●  Small size
●  Various options available
●  Affordable price



●  VSAT/Satellite Communication Systems
●  Test Equipment
●  Microwave Transmitters & Receivers
●  Cable TV Links (CATV)
●  Local area networks (LAN)
●  Point to point and point to multipoint microwave links

Outline Drawing

The ‘REF IN’ connector is not provided on units with internal reference.


  Microwave High Power Fixed Frequency Synthesizer (PMFS-P series)-ver1.0