Polaris’ PFRM-4-50 series is a 4-Channel Frequency Reference Module that provides a highly stable 50 MHz sine wave outputs. This series offers two enclosure options depending on the type of connectors for the external interface. The OCXO with excellent performance, housed into this series provides a temperature stability from ±25 ppb to ±50 ppb over operating temperature range and aging of ± 100 ppb per year at 25°C.



●  50 MHz Output Frequency
●  Four Output Channels
●  Sine Wave Output
●  External Reference Automatic Switching
●  Internal OCXO with Excellent Performance
●  Various Options Available
●  Affordable price



●  Frequency Reference Generation
●  Phase Noise Measurements
●  Military Electronic Systems
●  Instruments Frequency Synchronization
●  Telecommunications Standards

Outline Drawing

Enclosure with EMI Feed-thru connectors

Enclosure with D_Sub Connector