The PLDRO (Phase Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillator) provides the ultra-low phase noise and excellent frequency stability when it is phase locked to a clean and stable crystal reference signal.

Our PLDRO series are available in three types: Single Loop PLDRO, Single Loop Digital-PLDRO and Dual Loop PLDRO.

The Single Loop Digital-PLDRO can provide any output frequency in 5 GHz to 13 GHz. This series generates output frequency by shifting the phase of the output frequency using a Frequency Divider, DDS and Mixer so that the output frequency is an integer multiple of the reference frequency. This series also offers very fine frequency resolution of 10 KHz.



●  Any output frequency available
●  10 KHz frequency resolution
●  Phase shift using Frequency Divider, DDS, and Mixer
●  Ultra low Phase Noise: -117 dBc/Hz (typ.) @100 KHz offset from 10 GHz
●  Low spurious: -75 dBc (typ.)
●  Phase-locked alarm
●  Internal voltage regulators
●  Rugged contruction



●  17 dBm (typ.) output power
●  10 VDC supply voltage
●  1 KHz frequency resolution
●  High stability internal reference
●  Customized outlines
●  Laser marking



●  Radar systems
●  VSAT/Satellite communication systems
●  Test equipment
●  Microwave transmitters & receivers
●  Cable TV links (CATV)
●  Local area networks (LAN)
●  Up/Down converters
●  Missile guidance

Outline Drawing


  Single Loop Digital-PLDRO-rev3.0