The PLDRO (Phase Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillator) provides the ultra-low phase noise and excellent frequency stability when it is phase locked to a clean and stable crystal reference signal.

Our PLDRO series are available in three types: Single Loop PLDRO, Single Loop Digital-PLDRO and Dual Loop PLDRO.

The Single Loop PLDROs provide an output frequencies whose phase is locked to an integer multiple of the external reference. This series provide output frequency up to 28 GHz. In addition, two package options are available. The first option corresponds to single bed package without Frequency Multiplier. This option provides output frequency from 5 GHz to 13 GHz and is the slimmest package in our PLDRO products. The second option corresponds to double bed package with Frequency Multiplier. This option provides an output frequency from 14 GHz to 28 GHz and has a double bed hosing construction.



●  Ultra low phase noise: -120 dBc/Hz (typ.) @100 KHz offset from 10 GHz
●  Low spurious: -80dBc (typ.)
●  Phase-locked alarm
●  Internal voltage regulators
●  Low power consumption
●  Compact package (W x L x H): 2.25″[57.15 mm] x 2.25″[57.15 mm] x .63″[16 mm]
●  Rugged Construction
●  Affordable price



●  High stability internal reference
●  17 dBm (typ.) Output Power
●  10 VDC Supply Voltage
●  Extended operating temperature: -40 ℃ to 85 ℃
●  Field replaceable connectors
●  Customized outlines
●  Laser marking



●  Radar systems
●  VSAT/Satellite communication systems
●  Test equipment
●  Microwave transmitters & receivers
●  Cable TV links (CATV)
●  Local area networks (LAN)
●  Up/Down converters
●  Missile guidance

Outline Drawing

Single Loop PLDRO without Frequency Multiplier

Single Loop PLDRO with Frequency Multiplier


  Single Loop PLDRO-rev3.0