The Phase Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (PLDRO) provides the best combination of ultra-low phase noise and excellent frequency stability when it is phase locked to a clean and stable crystal reference signal. The PLDRO series of Polaris provides ideal signal sources for commercial and military systems requiring ultra-low phase noise, low spurious and high frequency stability.

There are three types of PLDRO series at Polaris, such as Single Loop PLDRO, Single Loop Digital-PLDRO, and Dual Loop PLDRO.

The Single Loop PLDRO provides ultra-low phase noise of typically -120dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset from the output frequency of 10GHz when it is phase locked to an external 100MHz crystal reference signal. In addition, two reference options are available. It corresponds to the first option when the external reference is from 50MHz to 500MHz and to the second option when the external reference signal is from 5MHz to <50MHz. The first option offers a slim package consisting of a single bed housing and the second option offers a package consisting of a double bed housing.



●  Ultra low phase noise: -120dBc/Hz at 10KHz offset at 10GHz
●  Low spurious: -80dBc maximum
●  Phase-locked alarm
●  Internal voltage regulators
●  Low power consumption
●  Compact package (W x L x H): 2.25″[57.15] x 2.25″[57.15] x .63″[16]
●  Low microphonics
●  Affordable price



●  High stability internal reference
●  Higher output power
●  +8VDC supply
●  Extended operating temperature
●  Field replaceable connectors
●  Customized outlines
●  Laser marking

Outline Drawing

Single Loop PLDRO – High reference
(50MHz ≤ External reference ≤ 500MHz)

Single Loop PLDRO – Low reference
(5MHz ≤ External reference < 50MHz)


* End user phase noise dependent on external reference phase noise for offset < 100KHz.

  Single Loop PLDRO