The Gain Equalizer series of Polaris is a negative slope equalizer that decreases attenuation linearly with frequency. This product family is used to compensate for the gain slope characteristics of communication equipment using broadband amplifiers such as L-band RF systems and wideband gateways.


●  Two types of gain equalizer available
    PCB type (Length x Width x Thickness): .59”[15] x .47”[12] x .02”[0.5]
    Package type with SMA connectors (Length x Width x Height): 1.30”[33] x .79”[20] x .80”[20.3]
●  Affordable price
●  Excellent performance
    Frequency range: up to 950MHz to 2,150MHz
    Slope linearity: ±0.75dB max. (±0.5dB typ.)
    VSWR: 1.67 : 1 max. (1.5 : 1 typ.)
    Insertion loss at maximum frequency: 1.75dB max. (1.0dB typ.)
    Slope compensation range: 1dB to 10dB


●  L-band amplifiers
●  L-band converters
●  Wideband routers and gateways
●  Multi-band cellular phone signal repeaters
●  DAS(Distributed Antenna Systems)
●  RF transceiver modules

L-band Gain Equalizer


▪ Two types of gain equalizer available:
     PCB type, Compact Package type
▪ Frequency range: L-band
▪ Low insertion loss: 1.75dB max. (1dB to 1.5dB typ.)
▪ Excellent slope linearity: ±0.75dB max. (±0.5dB typ.)
▪ Good VSWR: 1.67 : 1 max. (1.5 : 1 typ.)