Polaris’ surface mount PLL synthesizers operate in the frequency range from 3.4 GHz to 13.6 GHz and are available in a surface mountable package measuring 26.2 mm x 26.2 mm x 4.0 mm. These synthesizers employ a microwave fractional-N PLL architecture to provide fine frequency resolution with excellent spurious and phase noise. These synthesizers are categorized into fixed frequency synthesizers (PSPS-F synthesizers) and variable frequency synthesizers (PSPS-V synthesizers).
The PSPS-V synthesizers can change the output frequency with very simple programming command and have a non-volatile memory feature that will return to the last set frequency when power is turned on.



●  Very wide output frequency range from 3.4 GHz to 13.6 GHz
●  Microwave fractional-N PLL synthesizer with low noise floor
●  Low reference spurious
●  Fine frequency step size
●  Internal MCU with high performance
●  Phase lock indicator alarm
●  Single supply voltage
●  Internal LDO regulator with low noise
●  Very simple programming command to change output frequency
●  Small size



●  VSAT/Satellite Communication Systems
●  Test Equipment
●  Microwave Transmitters & Receivers
●  Cable TV Links (CATV)
●  Local area networks (LAN)
●  Point to point and point to multipoint microwave links

Outline Drawing


  Surface Mount PLL synthesizers (PSPS-V synthesizers)-ver2.1