The Polaris DDS-2CH-OCXO is a dual channel direct digital synthsizer that provides ultra-precise frequency resolution, low spurious, and low phase noise performance. The DDS-2CH-OCXO has an internal 100MHz OCXO for excellent temperature stability of the system clock.
This synthesizer can generate output frequencies from less than 1 MHz up to 400 MHz (based on a 1 GHz clock) with step sizes of 4 μHz. The output power is available up to 13 dBm at the specified frequency.

The DDS-2CH-OCXO comes in a robust aluminum milled case and operates over the temperature range of 0°C to 50°C. A protocol to manage this synthesizer can be provided and interfaced with an external controller through 3.3 V UART communication.



▪ Dual channel outputs
▪ 1 GSPS internal clock speed (up to 400 MHz output directly)
▪ 48-bit frequency tuning word with 4 μHz resolution
▪ Low phase noise
▪ Internal 100 MHz OCXO with excellent temperature stability
▪ Serial control interfaces
▪ Fault diagnosis