Polaris’ ASLE series products are satellite link emulators for geostationary satellites and provide an ideal solution for satellite modem testing, satellite to Earth station RF link testing, spacecraft payload testing, and general testing systems using satellite communications.

The ASLE-140-36D provides accurate simulation of propagation delay, path loss, and Doppler frequency shift for closed-loop testing of geostationary satellites and earth station terminals. The ASLE-140-36D operates at 140MHz and provides up to 36MHz bandwidth.


●  Operating frequency: 140 MHz
●  Operating bandwidth: 36 MHz
●  Time delay range: 0 to 530 ms (1 us steps)
●  Doppler shift range: -3 MHz to 3 MHz (1 Hz steps)
●  Noise Floor: < -125 dBc/Hz
●  Remote interfaces: USB, RS-232, or RS-422/485



●  Satellite Modem test
●  VSAT test
●  Satellite payload test
●  UAV test
●  Earth terminal test
●  Satellite system integration test beds
●  Mobile transceiver test