Polaris’ ASLE series is an advanced satellite link emulator designed to extend the propagation time delay of the PSLE series from 265 ms to 530 ms. The ASLE-L series operates in L-band and supports Doppler shift of up to -6 MHz to 6 MHz and operating bandwidth of up to 200 MHz.

The ASLE-70-10D provides accurate reproductions of propagation time delay, path loss, and doppler frequency shift for closed-loop testing of geostationary satellites and earth station terminals. The ASLE-70-10D operates at 70 MHz and provides operating bandwidth of 10 MHz.


●  Operating frequency: 70 MHz
●  Operating bandwidth: 10 MHz
●  Time delay range: 0 to 530 ms (1 us steps)
●  Doppler shift range: -1 MHz to 1 MHz (1 Hz steps)
●  Noise Floor: < -125 dBc/Hz
●  Remote interfaces: USB, RS-232, or RS-422/485



●  Satellite Modem test
●  VSAT test
●  Satellite payload test
●  UAV test
●  Earth terminal test
●  Satellite system integration test beds
●  Mobile transceiver test