Satellite Link Emulators

Polaris’ ASLE series products are satellite link emulators for geostationary satellites and provide an ideal solution for satellite modem testing, satellite to Earth station RF link testing, spacecraft payload testing, and general testing systems using satellite communications. The ASLE series products are categorized into IF-band emulators and L-band emulator. The IF-band emulators operate at 70MHz or 140MHz and the L-band emulator operates from 950 MHz to 1,450 MHz (950 MHz to 1,950 MHz optional).

The ASLE series ptoducts provide reproductions for three types of satellite links.

●  Time Delay
Reproduction for propagation time delay due to distance between satellite and earth station terminals

●  Doppler Effect
Reproduction for doppler frequency shift between satellite and moving earth station terminals

●  Attenuation
Reproduction for radio path loss due to heavy rain or heavy snow

RF Switch Matrix

The Polaris SW08-DP Switch Matrix provides automatic routing between Vector Network Analyzer and the device under test (DUT) in an RF/microwave ATE system. This Switch Matrix provides consistent signal paths, enable automation of tests.

The SW08-DP can support up to 8 switch channels in a 1U rack-mountable enclosure with signal frequencies up to 8 GHz. It is possible to expand the switch channels by connecting two SW08-DPs to master or slave, respectively, and to support up to 16 switch channels in a 1U rack. The SW08-DP provides a cost effective and quick-ship solution with a simple and flexible platform.