The PSLE series of Polaris is a top performance Satellite Link Emulators designed to provide an ideal solution for satellite modem testing, satellite to earth station RF link testing, spacecraft payload testing and in general testing systems using satellite communications. The PSLE series provides accurate simulation of propagation time delays, path loss, and Doppler frequency shifts for closed-loop testing of satellites and earth station terminals. It consists of an IF-band series operating at frequencies of 70MHz or 140MHz and an L-band series operating at the frequency range of 950MHz to 1,450MHz (optionally 950MHz to 1,950MHz).



  Excellent SNR using 14bit ADC
  Ultra-low phase noise
●  Ultra-wide bandwidth up to 200MHz
●  Lower than market price



●  Satellite Modem testing
●  VSAT testing
●  Satellite payload testing
●  UAV testing
●  Earth terminal testing
●  Satellite system integration test beds
●  Mobile transceiver testing